How problems of BPI can be untangle in easy manner ?

Newcastle said that they were investigating Mrs L’s pre-1948 insurance record and her contention that she had first claimed RP in 1982. Newcastle telephoned Mrs L on 23 September and told her that they were reviewing the date of her RP claim but, even if the date were amended, it would not alter the rate of the GRB award. On 26 September Newcastle sent Mrs L’s completed enquiry form to the Contributions Agency saying that her contributions’ record showed her date of entry to insurance as 19 April 1948, but that she had stated that she had been employed before that date.

The adjudicating officer decided that her GRB award should be backdated one year to give a first Frame Stage Inspection payment date of 6 November 1995. Mrs L was notified of that decision on 7 October, told of her rights of appeal, and told that enquiries into her pre-1948 insurance record were continuing.On 23 October the Member wrote to tell Newcastle that Mrs L had been disappointed by their letter to him of 18 September and wanted her case reviewed.

The customer services unit at Newcastle acknowledged the Members letter next day, saying that a further review of Mrs T’s (saic) pension would be considered. On 30 October Newcastle replied substantively to the Member’s letter of 23 October. They told him they had decided that Mrs L’s GRB would be paid from 6 November 1995 and that enquiries into her pre-1948 insurance record were continuing. On 1 October Newcastle asked their technical section for advice on whether the acknowledgements that Mrs L had copied to them could be accepted as proof that a claim to RP had been made.

On 6 November Newcastle wrote to ask Mrs L to clarify certain aspects of her employment history. They said that she had told them that she had ceased work in 1942 and resumed in 1946 whereas her contributions’ record showed that she had resumed work on 19 April 1948. Newcastle asked Mrs L to forward any documents such as contributions or medical cards or appointment letters which she might have retained from that time.