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How to handle the legal and complex house buying process with the help of building inspectors?

Architects plan to meet with the council soon on the design of the fire stations.I would seriously hope we would have at least the beginning of the buildings begun by the end of this year,” Johnson said.My focus now is to keep this moving forward to get folks out of temporary trailers, and into Residential Home Inspection¬† some permanent facilities and expand the coverage area to provide better service for citizens.Athens City Board of Education allows the superintendent to decide school placement of each child.The board agrees to comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Gov. George Wallace tells crowds in Athens and Decatur that the state has gone as far as it is going with compliance of the Civil Rights Act.Athens Superintendent Julian Newman assigns four black teachers to formerly all-white schools at the U.S. Department of Justice’s prodding.State Legislature approves tuition grants to students attending private schools to avoid integration.Athens College signs compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, becoming the last Methodist-church affiliated institution in the nation to do so.

Birmingham businessman N.H. Waters resigns as chairman of the Athens College Board of Trustees.The board signed compliance without telling him, and the actions were “contrary to my wishes,” he said.Waters asks for and gets back his $90,000 donation for the college’s new library.Department of Justice wants the city board to close Miller, move seventh-graders to West Athens and stop sending students in grades 7-12 to Trinity.

Athens board writes a letter to state Superintendent Ernest Stone that says it has had “difficulty in obtaining competent Negro teachers for full-time teaching assignments to formerly white schools.”The Athens board appeals the federal court decree that says it must close or integrate Miller, and asks to continue students’ freedom of choice.A federal court says the board cannot operate Miller under freedom of choice.